The Home Equity Mortgage enables homeowners with good title grow wealth by unlocking the equity in their homes. Individuals wishing to take advantage of investment in assets can convert a significant proportion of the value of their homes to liquidity to be able to finance the acquisition of the assets without giving up ownership of the homes/assets.


·         Benefits:

o   Immediate acquisition, ownership and possession of desired properties, assets, etc. (You can purchase additional homes, stocks and shares, household equipment, automobiles, etc.)

o   Convenient cash flow, installment payments.

o   No initial down payment.

o   Long Tenor; Maximum of 10 years for houses.

o   Enhanced self-esteem.

o   Easy access to liquidity, up to 65% of equity in property.


·         Who can apply:

o   Prospective/existing customers of Union Homes.

o   Customers who are employees of companies can borrow up to 10years of annual income.

o   Employees of companies with verifiable evidence of a regular source of income duly confirmed by the employer.

o   Customers who are self-employed can borrow up to 5years of their incomes.

o   Self-employed with verifiable evidence of income.